Jurre Thiel

PhD Candidate in Economics

I am Jurre Thiel, a PhD candidate at VU Amsterdam and the Tinbergen Institute. My supervisors are José-Luis Moraga and Mauro Mastrogiacomo. I work in industrial organization, with a focus on dynamics and household finance.

In my job market paper, I estimate the effect of history-based price discrimination—the practice of charging lower prices to new customers than to existing customers—on welfare. I do so by exploiting a ban on history-based price discrimination in the Dutch mortgage market. To estimate the resulting structural model, I develop a new method to estimate dynamic games with large state spaces, based on techniques from machine learning.

I will be available for interviews at:

  • The EEA meetings in Naples
  • The AEA meetings in Atlanta

Fields: Industrial Organization, Applied Econometrics

References: José Luis Moraga-González, Mauro Mastrogiacomo, Matthijs Wildenbeest

Tinbergen placement director: Eric Bartelsman

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